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Vote Billy Allen, “Hot Shot Award”

This has gone on for too long. Billy Allen bought a Conair hair and beard trimmer for $14.95 freshman year of college and has not had a decent haircut since. Evidence of this travesty are visible everywhere. Now the AVP and Paul Mitchell have joined forces in an effort to get Billy a haircut by creating the Paul Mitchell Hot Shot Award. People are able to vote for the player who “grabs the fan’s attention and commands fan loyalty either through their relentless play on the beach or their colorful personality off the court.”

Kinda Good is calling to arms all fans in support of Billy Allen for the following reasons:

10. He hasn’t changed his haircut since he started playing.
9. He is the only candidate with two first names.
8. If Billy wins he’ll smuggle Braidy some conditioner.
7. His mother is getting Carpal Tunnel voting for him all by herself.
6. Nobody wants Ty Tramblie to touch his nest of oily golden locks.
5. Billy in 30 years.
4. By the looks of it Casey Patterson is already sponsored by Paul Mitchell.
3. His head is too big for a hat.
2. Eyal who?
1. Billy’s hair once looked like…(see above image)


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