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Ultimate Beach Volleyball Workout: I

Note: These workouts are impossible. Don’t try them at home. Also, give the page a second or two to load. The images sizes are slightly large.


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  • Name says:

    these look insain

  • autumn says:

    These workouts look really cool, but a little too intense for me. I’m only 12 and don’t live to close to a beach with a peir, but I plan on trying these excersises out after i do some minor adjustments to them. Thanx for the help, though! :)

  • Name says:

    first off, these exercises literally are impossible. if you think someone can catch an 80 pound dumbell thrown from a partner, you’re nuts. It would rip your shoulders off. Second, look at the pier compared to the guy’s height. that’s like a 72″ vertical in sand, get real people.

  • Insane is my middle name says:

    I have now been doing this workout for months and have seen great results I’m ready for the next level, please prescribe more workouts

  • Ted Dotix Danson says:

    haha this is hilarious!!! good one


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