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The Life of Style Tank

If you were watching ESPN2 yesterday you would have noticed that John Mayer, one of KG’s bestest friends, was in the AVP Hermosa Beach Open FINALS doing battle against the best team the world has ever seen. We won’t talk about the outcome (Johnny won an AVP last year!) but we will talk about that silly sweet tank top he was wearing.

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Johnny Mayer, Hermosa Beach AVP Finalist

Johnny Mayer, Hermosa Beach AVP Finalist

Johnny was sporting the new throw-back KINDA baby blue tank that we designed with the old-school in mind. Small graphic on the front, BIG graphic on the back…Its message? It’s a Volley Life of Style. And to us, our lives are all about volleyball. From Billy thinking up Danny Kinda videos to me doing vb podcasts every single week. Our friends and ladies are even players.

We do things for the love of the game. And when we see our friend trusting KG with his life in an AVP final, it makes us tear up a bit. Good work, Johnny Granola! And to Pross (Proth), we kinda like you too :)

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  • Billy says:

    Nice work Johnny.

  • Scott says:

    I drove over 14 hours round trip this weekend to see my first AVP event live… what a treat! My biggest complaint with the tour is how hard it is to see more than 8 contenders per gender as I follow the TV broadcasts.

    John was great on defense and kept his head high as he battled Phil at the net. Matt’s reaction to spiking over the hand of Phil was priceless =)

    How to see you in SF next month!


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