Kinda Good is a volleyball entertainment company. Our unique style and passion for the game has manifested itself in this website. ยป

The Kinda Good Collage

As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time thinking about themes and concepts that can be shaped into some form of logo or layout. I once made a logo for a decal company that looked as though the logo was peeling off of whatever it was on. Cleverish. I designed a restaurant website to look like a menu. A single overarching theme can often contribute a lot to creative communication and meaning.

Then there’s Kinda Good. How exactly do you combine the facets of this site and all it stands for? Do we put a volleyball in the logo? Probably not. Do we have the alphabet song play when the homepage loads? We’d better not. How, then, do you communicate to new and even old fans what Kinda Good is?

When I tried to solve this problem, I went through iterations of logos that had little quirks to suggest something “mediocre” or “almost good”. Bleh. We opted to skip the clever cutesy stuff and simply show what we do, which is to create fun videos and articles as well as make some of the coolest tees in the business.

The collage above represents a history of the 3+ years of Kinda Good, starting from when AJ and I decided to spraypaint court numbers on the Hermosa poles one windy October night in 2006 to the time when Billy was doing flying karate kicks while wearing a Chuck Norris tee. And there’s also some inside-jokes in there, like the Mickey’s meatball calzone and Cronin’s hairdo. You may notice the actual lyrics I kept staring at from the alphabet song. I don’t even know why I put in Wilson the volleyball.

The point of the collage is the illustrate that to us, Kinda Good is a lot of different things, not just Danny Kinda or ultimate workouts. In our heads we’re an apparel company, a creative outlet, and a voice in volleyball. But everything we do has and always will be for the love of the game.

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Dan Madden
  • May 6th, 2010



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