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The Bald Brotherhood

(Pictured, left to right: Mike Morrison, Kevin Lynch, Dan Madden, Phil Dalhausser)

The 2009 AVP Awards Banquet was filled with surprises, including a $5,000 check to Billy Allen for being voted by the Kinda Good Nation as the Paul Mitchell Hot Shot AND a “Most Improved Award” for Johnny Mayer. It was also fortunate that I attended with my date, Billy’s wife (Janelle) and KG friend Kevin Lynch attended with his date…Braidy Halverson (what about Braidy’s wife??).

Mid-way through the night IT happened…Lynch and I were chatting up Big Mike Morrison when the DiG Magazine photographer wanted to get a picture with us baldies. Good idea! Just one sec…Gotta find Dalhausser, who was chilling with T-Rog and his blazer. I got him away from talking about wizards in time to take this pretty killer shot of the 4 most beautiful people at the whole banquet (excluding that Loomis guy).

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Dan Madden
  • March 22nd, 2010


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