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The AVP 2009 6-Man Exhibition Victory

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — The 1st Annual AVP 6-Man Exhibition was a success for one of the four teams involved. Team Fresh Brothers is Kinda Good! We started at 11am with a 30-24 victory over Team Magnum (think Hawaiian shirts, mustaches, no ferraris), our nemesis from last year. That was an especially good win considering we didn’t even play Reid “I am better than everybody on this beach” Priddy. How’s that new nickname? I got in trouble (from Reid) along with ESPN/NBC commentator Kevin Barnett for calling him “the best all-around player in the world” (which he is, c’mon).

After our first victory we watched some good AVP matches, including a Lucena/Keenan vs KWong/Olson battle. KWong/Olson lost but then took down the gold medalists Dalhausser/Rogers. That’s pretty impressive. KWong/Olson were even split-blocking! And we must extend a congrats to Sean Rosenthal, Jake Gibb, Nicole Branagh and Elaine Youngs for getting their names on the pier.

We played the final exhibition match on AVP Stadium Court in front of a packed house. It was awesome. The unfortunate matchup was against “Memphis Cafe,” a team that has been around for a long time and still has AVP legends Brent Frohoff and Scott Ayakatubby as their top guns. Anybody who knows me knows that these two guys are probably my biggest volleyball heroes of all time. I just had to give Fro a hug. The match ended before it even started when KG outside hitter Nils Nielsen absolutely RIPPED a warmup ball straight down angle straight into the opposing setter’s face, knocking him down for a minute. Whoops. Easily the gnarliest six-pack I’ve ever seen. So the rest of the match was essentially a continuation of that. We won 25-21 and were able to let a lot of our team get in the game, including Randy at USYVL, Jon Hastings at DiG Magazine and, our favorite defensive specialist, THEMATSA. On match point we subbed 6 of our favorite KG girls to win the match. As a response, Memphis Cafe subbed in all their children. Talk about Old School vs New School…

Our 6-Man team sponsor Fresh Brothers Pizza was there to catch the action along with their mascot, “The Slice”. Nothing can quite prepare you to see the team you sponsor demolishing another team in front of thousands of local customers with your logo on 50 tees at the center of attention, and your pizza slice mascot clapping it up all over the court. But that’s what I said would happen. :)

On behalf of the whole team and the 3 other teams involved, I’d like to extend a big thank you to organizer Canyon Ceman and AVP top dawg Jason Hodell. It was a great experience and we can’t wait for the actual 6-Man on August 1 and 2!


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