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John Mayer

Mayer started out at Los Angeles Pierce Community College, where he led the team to the 2002 California state championship while earning MVP honors in the tournament as well as in the conference. He transferred to Pepperdine and immediately became the starting setter, guiding the team to the National Championship match. After two years as the starting setter, he switched positions, briefly becoming a libero before settling in at opposite hitter, starting on the 2005 National Championship team.

His beach career started alongside veteran Yariv Lerner. In 2006 Mayer and former Pepperdine teammate Brad Keenan went through the qualifier and finished third in the AVP Hermosa Beach, tying for the highest finish by a qualifier in AVP history. In 2009 he claimed his first career victory with Jeff Nygaard and won the AVP’s Most Improved Award.

“Plastic’s the New Black.”

John is the head men’s volleyball coach at Santa Monica College where he has lead the Corsairs to a league championship and playoff births every year as coach. John is a frequenter of Farmer’s Markets and libraries. He plays the drums and listens to punk bands you’ve never heard of. In the fall John will marry long long time girlfriend Pepperdine setter Dr. Paola Rodriguez.

Career Highlights

  • 1st Place finish in 2009 San Diego Open.
  • AVP’s Most Improved Player of 2009.
  • In reaching the semifinals in Hermosa Beach in 2006, Mayer and Keenan became the lowest seeded team (27th) to reach the Final Four since a team seeded 30th accomplished it in 1997.



  • Movie: Apocalypse Now, Bottle Rocket, Vertigo
  • Band: Fugazi
  • Thing you are most proud you cannot do: Get on Facebook without Paola’s help
  • Accomplishment: Winning National Championship
  • Hobbies: Hedgediving, Coaching, Gardening, Reading, and Air Drums/Guitar
  • Volleyball Player: Stein Metzger
  • Website: www.dischord.com