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Braidy Halverson

Braidy was recruited to play Division 1 volleyball at UCSB but decided to go to Cal Poly SLO to hang out with friends instead. Braidy opened the 2010 season with a career high 3rd place finish in Fort Lauderdale with partner Billy Allen. Weekdays Braidy wears a white lab coat and goggles and teaches science at Redondo High. On block schedules and weekends he works on his pro beach volleyball gig. He is on a new diet of fruit in the morning and painful workouts in the afternoon.

“Meemo Meemo Beebo Beebo.”

Braidy is from Grass Valley, CA, which is exactly like how it sounds. One summer Braidy lived in his van in Santa Barbara while coaching volleyball camps for Jon Lee. He lives in Redondo with his track star wife Danielle and their two kittens Amos and Gus or as Braidy Calls them Jacob and Smoke Monster. Braidy is the author of a never updated nonsensical blog about his adventures.

2009 Paul Mitchell Hot Shot Nominee

Career Highlights

  • 3rd Place finish in 2010
  • Finished in the top 8 of the 2008 AVP Crocs Cup Shootout
  • Todd Rogers thinks Braidy would beat Jake Gibb in the Clone Challenge



  • Movie: Anchorman
  • Band: James Taylor
  • Person (non-family):
  • Thing you are most proud you cannot do:
  • Accomplishment:
  • Hobbies: Bear Hunting, Coloring, Blogging
  • Volleyball Player:
  • Website: