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Billy Allen

Billy has been climbing the Professional Beach Volleyball ranks and is now one of the top players on the sand. 2011 was Billy’s most successful season yet with 2nd Place Finishes in Manhattan Beach and Baltimore and 3rds in Miami and Cincinnati. He also traveled to Kosovo to put on exhibitions and clinics for the troops. Billy is an alumnus of Cal-State Northridge where he graduated with a degree in Creative Writing which he now uses to make silly volleyball videos to spread his love of the game.

“I created Danny Kinda.”

Billy grew up in Fallbrook, California, with volleyball as the family sport.  He started the game passing back and forth with his dad between his parents’ league matches counting the touches until his ball control got good enough to make counting difficult.  Billy’s parents then started a club team in the area where he played alongside childhood friend and national team member Nils Nielsen.  Billy went to Cal State Northridge as a setter after which he qualified in his first AVP event ever in 2004 with teammate Ty Tramblie.  Billy’s parents met playing volleyball and it is how he met his own wife, AVP Player Janelle Allen.

In the offseason Billy coaches volleyball at Sports Shack Volleyball Club and Pacifica Christian High School.

2009 Paul Mitchell Hot Shot Sponsorship Winner

Billy won the 2009 Paul Mitchell HotShot Competition with the help of you fans and your votes.

Career Highlights

  • 2011 Manhattan Beach Open Finalist
  • 2011 Two 2nd Place Finishes
  • 2011 Two 3rd Place Finishes
  • 2009 Paul Mitchell Hot Shot Award Winner



  • Movie: Rocky, Annie Hall, City Lights
  • Music: The Beatles, Bob Dylan
  • Thing you are most proud you cannot do: Sweat
  • Accomplishment: Hume Lake Rookie of the Year, 2 consecutive years
  • Hobbies: Naps, Writing
  • Volleyball Player: Ty Tramblie
  • Website: The Kinda Good Plan