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Team Paul Mitchell

Thanks to you people and your dedicated mouse clicking, I was voted the AVP’s first Paul Mitchell Hot Shot. It was a long road and Dan Madden was a terrific campaign manager, destroying the reputations of my competitors like Braidy Halverson. Braidy will try again in this year’s competition as a left over and I wish him well.

At the AVP Player’s Banquet I received a gigantic cardboard check, which now hangs proudly on my wall. Along with a Beatles poster it is the only artwork we have up. I heard my name called and got up to make my acceptance speech when Braidy walked up and accepted the award for me. He went up a second time that night to accept John Mayer’s Most Improved Award, and we had to restrain him when Nicole Branagh’s name was called for MVP. After wrestling the check from Braidy I took pictures with female Hot Shot Jenn Snyder and the lovely Kalena from PM.

Now a part of Team Paul Mitchell, you’ll see me sporting some PM gear, tattoos, and shampoo. Jenn and I will also be signing autographs at every event. They made these cards of me smiling and jump serving and if you come over I’ll sign it and write an inspirational message like I did for Phil before the final: “Reach for the Stars.” Or my roommate Kevin Lynch after losing in the qualifier: “Follow the Dreams of Your Heart.”

I appreciate all you in the KG Universe who got behind me last year, the sponsorship has helped make this year’s travel possible. I think the Paul Mitchell Hot Shot Award is a great thing and I hope Braidy Halverson and Janelle Allen, or whoever, will be grateful for your votes. (Vote for them Here)

If you make it out to an AVP event be sure to come by and say “Hi” or “Hey” or “Billy you’re Kinda Good” and I’ll let you touch my hair.

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  • By Billy Allen
  • May 13th, 2010


  • Rudy Tomarchio says:

    True story, I said exactly those words, and got to touch his hair in Ft. Lauderdale. A truly life altering experience. Paul Mitchell hasn’t had a better spokesperson since Adam Sandler in “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.”

  • Jazmyn says:

    hi im jazmyn and this is so cool cuz i love volleyball and im playin beach cuz i just got done with club. its realy cool cuz my mom went to this shcool in california like 8 years ago in california .


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