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Team Danny Kinda, 2009 6-Man Edition

It’s time to talk Six-Man. The Manhattan Beach Surf Fest Volleyball Tournament hosts tens of thousands of participants on 40+ courts and combines the country’s best volleyball players with the country’s best party animals. Saturday is a big party and Sunday is where the biggest bragging rights in volleyball are claimed. With that in mind, we’ve looked far and wide for the best mix of talent in both necessary genres of the Six-Man.

Last year’s 2nd-Place finish was kinda good for our first year, but fortunately we have even more firepower this year with the addition of Olympic Gold Medalist and internet-radio star Reid Priddy. We’ll see how we do with the best all-around volleyball player in the world on our side of the net…

Last year we had an open invite to join Team Danny Kinda, and I guess we’ll do it again. Just email us (be at kindagood dot com), and show up on Saturday, August 1st. We don’t care if you don’t know us and you’re just a fan. We’re nice and we’re fun. But we’re also serious. We’re not going to guarantee you playing time. You won’t start over AVP Champion John Mayer. We want as many Danny Kindas running around Manhattan Beach as possible, so join us for a weekend of fun you can only have hanging with The Kinda Good Crew!

We’ve got top AVP pros, Team USA members, and those loud guys who seem to up and disappear at about 3:30pm to a cozy piece of shade by the pier. Here’s the Team Danny Kinda roster (so far):

Kinda Good
AJ Mihalic : Solver
Billy Allen : Director
Dan Madden : Yeller

AVP Pros & National Team Members
Reid Priddy : Gold-Medaler
John Mayer : Victer
Kevin Barnett : Commentater
Braidy Halverson : Donkeyer
Hans Stolfus (Emeritus): Blogger
Nils Nielsen (At a wedding): Greecer

Friend Ballers
Jon Hastings : DiG-Magazine-Publisher
Coach Corey Glave : Lawyer
Brian Meckna : Teacherer
Lucas Black : X-Facter
John Wankner : Hey-Sweet-Kneepads-er
Sean Allstot : Noah-Wylie-er
Kevin Lynch : Sicker
Paul Bocage : Six-Pak-er
Ryan Cronin : Digger
Andrew Fuller : Toucher
Randy Sapoznik : USYVLer
Derek Sorensen : Bearder
Jaren Barredo : Hosteler
Jack Quinn : Bouncer
Vince Zanzucchi : Wailer
Drew Pascua : 89er
Dan Parziale : Domer
Nate Allen : Brother
Ted Lucero : Spinner (in spirit)
Vince Fierro : Player
Rick Brandt : Golfer
Luis Sandoval : Speecher
THEMATSA : Ebay-er
Joshua Cahn : Photographer
Rudy Tomarchio : Teaching Assistant-er
Mark Rigney : Photo-Shooter
Matt Carlin : ReVOLLEYutioner
Jimi Fishburne : Domer
Ethan Cole : Clinger

Team of Mayhem
Casey Krause-Black : Scorer
Vince “Vinny” Strang : Heckler
Steve Frye : Cooker

Cal-Poly Posse
Kevin Watson : Jumping-Server
Danny “Hands” Turkovich : Bebo-Cheerer


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