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Sports Shack is Kinda Good

It’s tough to pick a “favorite Kinda Good fan” after being around for 3 years, but near the top of the list is the collective club team, Sports Shack. That’s the Santa Monica club coached by KG’s own Billy Allen, run by Pepperdine coach and prospective best friend Tim Jensen, and co-led by AVP announcer and close friend Chris “Geeter” McGee.

Big Goose Tim Jensen

Tim Jensen, not wearing a KG tee :(

Our collaboration with Sports Shack began in 2007 when Tim sent Billy an email saying something to the effect of, “Hey bud! What I gotta do about getting some some Kinda Good teeeeees??” This was at the start of our apparel. I was still hand-screening Chuck Norris and logo tees from my living room. At the time, I thought printing 60 tees would take me forever and I’d mess up on half of them. But I printed them anyway, I only messed up on a few, and Sports Shack has been sporting them ever since.

I’m no longer screening our tees (someone else is), but we’re still designing tees for the Sports Shack coaches and players. We’ve started doing custom graphics for ‘em. They’ve been so supportive of us that it’s the least we can do. On behalf of Billy and AJ, I can say that we’re proud that Sports Shack is Kinda Good!

Sports Shack is Kinda Good, back

The back of the newest custom batch of Kinda Good Shack tees


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