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My Dominance of AVP Fantasy Volleyball

If you’re a member of the AVP’s fantasy volleyball league (and chances are you’re not), then you noticed that I won the whole thing this past week. Working under the pseudonym “Danny Kinda” I compiled my team of dominators, sat back, and laughed at the rest of the fantasy geeks.

Actually, on Monday when I checked the stats and saw that my ranking was #1 out of 741 teams, I thought it was a glitch and more than likely every person was automatically ranked #1 when s/he logged in. But later in the day it said “Congratulations, you win 2 volleyballs autographed by the Olympians and VIP tickets to an AVP event of your choice!”

I even emailed new AVP CEO Jason Hodell to tell him of yet another talent I have relating to the VB world. Turns out, he wanted a quote from me for an article, presumably on AVP.com. So I turned to my main man Billy, who wrote the following DK gem:

“I’ve been training my whole life for this tournament. My coaches always told me that when it came to volleyball, fantasy came natural for me.” -Danny Kinda


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