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Laptop Represents KG and USA

Last year RJ (pictured below) asked for some KG stickers to slap on his laptop, claiming that he’s gonna get on national TV as some sort of laptop-toting stat boy for the men’s Olympic indoor vb team during its World League matches. Well, we never saw him (or any of the matches) but who cares, he’s rockin’ the logo everywhere he goes. RJ also gave me a size-small Wichita State women’s jersey (read: spandex/TIGHT) to rock during a girls’ club tournament last year. I looked dope. Thanks for the support, RJ!

We don’t get nearly enough fan photos but when we do we try to get it up on the site. If you’ve sent us some pics and haven’t seen them on the site then resend and yell at us. “be at kindagood.com” is the email…

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Dan Madden
  • March 3rd, 2009


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