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Kinda Good Planet: The Lambert Song

If you don’t already know, I do a weekly volleyball radio show The Net Live with Olympic gold-medalist Reid Priddy and Olympic VB commentator Kevin Barnett in Huntington Beach, CA. We’re infusing the VB talk with some KG talk and this is our first go at it.

Billy and I were talking about the best all-time blockers on the beach when we received a phone call from the Hawaiian Curtain himself, Mike Lambert. Then he sang us a song. Went like this.

Go straight to the Lambo Song (Download it!)

You and Me, AVP
By “Mike Lambert” (Watch/Listen to another one of Lambo’s AVP songs)

Walking the streets of Italy
No board shorts on, you know it’s just Capris
Been so long since I talked to thee
Seeing you only on Versus TV
I miss you, AVP
I miss you

You and me, AVP
Together in perfect harmony
Just you and me, AVP
Starting our own family

It all ended when I hurt my knee
I fell from rich to the bourgeoisie
You declared me bad company
Tried to hold on but you set me free

Oh, how things used to be
When my name was on every marquee
I used to play like I was a bumble bee
I sting’a your face if you mess with me

You and me, AVP
Together in perfect harmony
Just you and Me, AVP
You have my heart now use the key

Oh say, can you see?
We got the love so let’s agree
You won’t refuse, I guarantee…
One ride with Lamborghini!!!!

You and Me, AVP
Together in perfect harmony
You and Me, AVP
Starting our own family
You and Me, AVP
You and Me, AVP
You and Me, AVP
Climbing up a coconut tree

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Billy Allen
  • July 21st, 2009


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