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Kinda Good and Trikke?

Back when we made our Gum Video that nobody saw, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a stupid video about those stand-up tricycle bike things that we see all over the strand in Hermosa. I didn’t have a concept for the video, I just thought it’d be funny to show us goofing off on the things. Besides, I knew Billy could write something up. I went to the computer to do some research, but had no idea what they were called. So I consulted the web…

Google: “3 wheeled bike”
Result: Nothing

Yahoo: “stand up bike back and forth”
Result: Nothing

Ask Jeeves: “Um, what the heck are those out-of-control bike things all over Southern California?”
Result: Trikke! (On page 7 of the results)

So that got me thinking that if I, Dan Madden, an expert in web searching, could barely find out what these things were, then most people wouldn’t figure it out. Hence the video concept we didn’t do:

Dan, Billy, and AJ walk down the strand, see a dude out of control on a Trikke. We look at each other puzzled, laugh off the odd sight, and go home. Cut to montage of me on the phone, AJ on the internet, and Billy out asking people questions. Don’t show what we’re looking for. Cut back to headshots of each of us by ourselves outside, swiveling back and forth. Pan back to reveal the three of us accidentally running into each other at the Hermosa Pier while riding Trikkes. At first we’re embarrassed, then we laugh and nod in acceptance that we all secretly love those Trikkes.

Kind of like a Mentos commercial.

A year after we shelve the Trikke commercial, I’m working with AVP Radio and AVP COO Jason Hodell tells us that Trikke is the title sponsor. The three of us do an audible double-take, then look at each other, laugh, and say, “Hey! Maybe we’ll get to make that video after all!” That night Billy and I spent about a half-hour talking about Trikke and coming up with slogans for their marketing department.

Trikke: Watch out, everybody…here I come!
Trikke: The Wiggle-Bike
Trikke: Straight Lines Are So 5 Minutes Ago
Trikke: The best way to get from point A to point B…A Wiggly Line!
Trikke: Slamming into people, one big group at a time
Trikke: like riding a freakin’ dolphin
Trikke: We put a motor on it now!

Dan Rides A Trikke

Dan sucks at Trikke-riding

They don’t just sponsor AVP Radio. At the AVP Manhattan Beach Open Trikke set up a big course for people to try out the trikkes and their new hybrid, the Tribred. The Tribred was more fun to use because it had a throttle and didn’t require any manual labor to move it. The regular trikke was almost impossible to budge without looking like you’re trying to make love to the bike. But hey, you do what you want. I kinda want the Tribred. We’ll see if 15 new website viewers via AVP Radio is enough to keep Trikke in business. I don’t know. I think they might need a hilarious Youtube video…!

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Dan Madden
  • November 21st, 2008


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