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John Mayer is No Longer Kinda Good

It is a sad day today. Our good friend and 6-man setter/opposite John Mayer is no longer kinda good. He’s just plain good. Legit good. Insanely good. The guy just won an AVP event. What the heck, John? After beating gold medalists Phil and Todd 2 weeks ago, he and partner Jeff “3-Time Olympian” Nygaard beat our other ’08 Olympic team twice in San Diego, once in the final.

We are now faced with knowing that John will no longer join our off-season 8-team pickup games and can basically have his say with any book he wants to read in Billy’s very exclusive book club. Let’s see, what else? Oh, we probably won’t be able to force him to shave down to a fu-man-chu for the 6-man, wear my face on his tee, or buy us sushi.

In conclusion, congratulations to the singer/songwriter. AJ’s money was on you in the final. And I don’t bet. And Billy was at home with his signature screened on his mesh shorts.


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