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Hot Stove, Episode 63

For those of you not familiar with The Hot Stove (or Part 2), it’s a segment where Kinda Good 6-Man member Hans Stolfus fills us all in on partner switches and break ups that happen on the AVP Tour. Our video stars “Hands” Stolfus and is set quite a few episodes ahead, when most of the good news has already been covered. Special thanks to Nils Nielsen and Guy Hamilton for relieving Dan of performance duties.


  • Dan Madden says:

    I wonder when Hans is going to find out about this.

  • Name says:

    haha… Oh man…

  • Hans says:

    Couldn’t be happier about all of the talking with his “hands.” Genius. Good chance I link directly to this tomorrow morning in, yes, the most recent Hot Stove, considering the AVP’s production team is essentially no more and until I learn to use Final Cut Pro, I won’t exactly be attaching photo-burning video at my leisure.

    I’ll admit, Nils makes for a pretty good Hands. Bravo gentlemen. But is he going to be “Hands” for Team Fresh Brothers come August 1?

  • Name says:

    loved it! can’t believe i’m only just seeing this now. :)

  • Rudy Tomarchio says:

    Wow…hilarious. Keep up the good work guys, as soon as Nils put his hand on his chin it completed the full arsenal of gestures.

  • Ashley says:

    Who’s Guy Hamilton?

  • [...] sends me into a deeper state of depression is the fact that Team Kinda Good is even able to produce Hot Stove videos with “Hands” Stolfus, and I’m not. All I can say in response to their brilliantly composed parody is well played [...]


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