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kinda good friends

We get a lot of emails from fans asking to be a part of the KG Krew or to see if they can use our name for their intramural volleyball team or to bulk-order some tees or to do the good ol’ “link exchange”. We try our best to accommodate, and we’ve even gone so far as to make a page dedicated to YOU LOYAL AND MOST EXCELLENT FANS. Here are your mad props. Thanks for the support!


These people have been a great help to us and we think they deserve some special recognition.

  • AVP.com

    AVP is the national professional beach volleyball tour.

  • CBVA.com

    The California Beach Volleyball Association has been running all levels of tournaments for over 40 years. We all have our "AAA" rating :)

  • Crossfit South Bay

    Dan was made for these types of intense workouts of hand-stand pushups, tire-flips, pullups, cleans-and-presses, etc. Finally a gym to do Rocky workouts!

  • Fresh Brothers Pizza

    Dan walked in to get the best pizza in the world. Dan walked out with a 6-Man sponsorship. Their deep-dish is insane and Fuller & Nils live off of their gluten-free pizza pies.

  • GreatAmericanVolleyball.com

    GAV started in New Jersey by our friend Wayne and has started to spread throughout the country!

  • Patella Digs Kneepads

    You ever dive indoors? Get some kneepads! These guys were one of our first sponsors.

  • The Net Live! Volleyball Podcast

    The Net Live is the world’s best volleyball podcast. It features Reid Priddy, Kevin Barnett, Chris Geeter McGee our own Dan Madden!

  • United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL)

    The USYVL was the first ever organization to support us. We are grateful for them and hey, they have the best youth volleyball program in the country!

  • USAVolleyball.org

    USA Volleyball is the our National Governing Body for the best sport ever.

  • Zico Coconut Water

    We loves us some Zico. We've got some in the fridge right now. Hmmm.

Clubs & Organizations

All these wonderful people are definitely Kinda

  • Andrew Fuller Photography

    You may have noticed all the cool photos on this site. Well, a lot of them were taken by Andrew, KG's resident photographer.

  • Ed Chan's VBShots.com

    Ed has one of the deepest photo catalogs in the biz. He was nice enough to let us get our hands on some of 'em!

  • FrankfortVolleyball.com

    FVA is Kentucky’s outlet for adults who play sand volleyball.

  • John Geldermann's Volleyshots.com

    John at Volleyshots takes some of the best beach volleyball images around. And now, a few are on our site!

  • Ken Delgado Photography

    If you view current player profiles at BVBinfo.com, you'll notice that Ken has taken the bio pic for most of today's beach players. He's prolific, nice, AND awesome!

  • QCVolleyball.com

    QC operates volleyball leagues, tournaments, clinics & camps in Iowa and Illinois.

  • Sports Shack Volleyball

    Tim Jensen and Chris Geeter McGee rock "Sports Shack is Kinda Good" tees every year so it's no wonder why they're one of our favorite clubs ever!