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Danny Kinda’s Inbox: How To Improve Your Vertical

Every so often we see how things are going in Danny Kinda’s world. Mostly he just forwards us his email… Email him a question!

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Subject: How can I improve my vertical?

Dear Danny,
So, I was just wondering if you knew of any sure fire way of getting some mad volleyball hops. I’m really practicing hard to get recruited for college. Any tips would be AWESOME!

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it’s hard for me to say because I was born with the gift of screaming mad hops. When I discovered my hops were so angry I decided to unleash them on the volleyball world. How can you get furious hops? Well, it depends on your situation. For instance if you live by the beach there are always PIER JUMPS. If you’re 7’ tall you can just play middle instead.

I want to help you out because you are obviously a fan of me, which means you’re a smart kid, but I don’t want you to jump too high because then you will become my opponent. So I will give you 6 1/2 inches on your jump.

For starters,

1. Let’s say you’re around 5’7” or so, the first thing you do is list that you’re 5’9” Bamm! Two inches right there.

2. Tell colleges you have t-rex arms and reach 2 inches under what you really reach, so when you jump you gain two more inches!

3. You may have heard of jumping shoes and complex devices, these are expensive and don’t really work because the companies don’t challenge you enough for fear of injury and lawsuit. So you make you’re own. I use cinder blocks chained around my feet. Jump with those for a while and that’s another two inches.

4. Then you can do the traditional boring stuff like jump rope, squats/deadlifts, and play lots of volleyball. That will get you the final 1/2 an inch you need.

So there you go. 6 1/2 inches from me to you (don’t bother checking the math). A guaranteed way to get you into Stanford or the Olympics or wherever you decide to go. Passing helps too.

  • Topic: DK! Inbox
  • By Billy Allen
  • November 23rd, 2009


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