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Danny Kinda’s Crossroads Blog #4

It’s ‘next week’ already and now’s about the time I request a mandatory Facebook Tagging of all the photos you people are taking with me. Thanks. Here’s our Facebook page. Use it. Have you ever blogged about a day that happened almost a day ago? Me neither. But I was so busy yesterday with cheering for just about every single team (which sorta seems useless after I’ve already cheered for the majority of teams because then when I go cheer for a new team the opponent is going nuts and yelling at me for cheering against THEM. But what am I supposed to do?? Keep cheering, and that’s what I did because I’m AWEsome at it.

I am no longer the only person in the Colorado Convention Center sporting a BanDanny. There was this totally cool “Energy” team rockin’ the flags on their knees! THE WHOLE TEAM! I gave them mad props, but then they lost, so I took the props back. Just kidding. I let them keep the props. I don’t really know what “props” are in slang talk, but it seems like it’d be a good thing.

Let's get AJ in this blog entry

Here's AJ signing an autograph

ELIMINATION! Today I crushed everybody in Elimination. It was ridiculously easy, especially with that gigantic lopsided Molten volleyball. Have you ever seen that thing? It’s like some giant balloon stuffed inside some flourescent pleather. Actually, it’s not LIKE that, it IS that. But it was bumpy and bouncy and it didn’t hurt anybody when I SpikeTown’d them straight in the face! And you know what? Some of the girls I beat kept complaining that they eliminated ME!! If one of these girls makes this claim to you, do NOT believe her. She is lying and sore from her loss (probably because I spiked it off her face). But one team actually was good at Elimination AND didn’t complain after they all made mistakes and I claimed another championship. Thanks, Jammers! You’re Kinda Good!

In our USYVL video you maybe remember a couple rules of thumb. One is to ALWAYS shield the head with White Blue and Red. Another is to remember that there are 3 hits in volleyball, 2 of which are ALWAYS yours! In recognition of that nugget of volleyball wisdom, I’d like to award #5 of Top-Ten with the Danny Kinda Award for not only passing a nail, but taking the set to SPIKETOWN all within 3 hits! Nice job! If you’re reading this, please stop by the Kinda Good Booth to get your award (an awesome Kinda Good Bump-Girl tee).

I’ve just about had enough of those laughing escalators. If you are the operator of that escalator here in the convention center and you are reading this (or if you are friends with that person), please turn off the laughs. I’m getting totally freaked out. On behalf of everybody here, we appreciate it.

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  • By Dan Madden
  • March 15th, 2008


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