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Danny Kinda Halloween ’08 Contest Results

Before I get into the results of the Be Danny Kinda For Halloween Contest, I’d like to NOT thank everybody who DIDN’T participate. That’s everybody in the world except 4 people. Don’t you realize that those 4 people have now jumped above everybody else on our “People we’ll send free stuff to and hang out with on the weekends” list? Next time we have a contest I trust we’ll get more participants. Geez!

The first video we got was from a friend who dressed her old dog up in a bandanny and gator tee and made the thing give her a high-five. What the…? The second video we got was from a college kid who apparently was REALLY bored one day. The third video we got was from a woman with a bomb shelter filled with Halloween costumes. The fourth video we had to search for because 10 year old girls don’t have email addresses or something. Thank you for sending us your videos.

Without further ado (as if you HAD to read above to see the results), here are the videos, from most-favorite to least-favorite (but still a favorite).

Most-Favorite: HALEY Kinda Trick or Treating

I know you thought the winner was gonna be better than this, but unfortunately we weren’t involved… Haley is wearing our rare blue/white KG tee, which means she either bought it online or at one of those indoor events we went to. She’s got a real stick-on mustache (where’d you get that??). She has a montage (music-less, but still a montage). She knew that DK would eat LOADS of candy on Halloween. She thought of “Reasonable Treats!!!!” which we LOLed at. All these things add up to a winner. Except the diss at the end. We’ll get you, Kerri!

Deputy #1: Don from RIT Kinda

Don filmed this one old-school. He lacked editing software (even at a tech school, Don??) so he had to film a scene, stop. Film a scene, mess-up. Rewind. Film, stop. Etcetera. The beginning (which starts in mid-sentence) is boring beyond belief, but give it time. The dude made a Tip of the Iceberg tee! This vaulted him into the #2 spot despite it not being a Halloween video. Don invents lingo (I had a skeeball the other day). He nets when he hits (and he really hit that one ball hard (on a girls’ net)). He jumbos. Nice job, waterboy.

Deputy #2: Alicia and the Picnic Table Bandanny

Alicia posted this on Facebook and her friends thought she was super creative. This thing is 6 minutes long. I don’t even like when OUR videos are that long. Why does Alicia have that many costumes? Why is the rabbit outfit tearaway? Why didn’t she ask us for a real bandanny? Next year we will definitely be spreading the Gator trick-or-treating technique. We loved the video, but somebody had to get 3rd.

Deputy #3: Cookie the Dog Kinda

Our friend Tracy felt bad for us and made a video just in case we didn’t get any entries. So she says. She probably just wanted the grand prize. Nope. We got quadruple the entries you thought we’d get, Tracy! Tell your dog I said hi.


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