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Danny Kinda and the USYVL

Danny Kinda, current bump record holder, and friend Billy Allen embark on an afternoon of volleyball with the United States Youth Volleyball League.

*No Children were hurt during the making of this video.


  • [...] In our USYVL video you maybe remember a couple rules of thumb. One is to ALWAYS shield the head with White Blue and Red. Another is to remember that there are 3 hits in volleyball, 2 of which are ALWAYS yours! In recognition of that nugget of volleyball wisdom, I’d like to award #5 of Top-Ten with the Danny Kinda Award for not only passing a nail, but taking the set to SPIKETOWN all within 3 hits! Nice job! If you’re reading this, please stop by the Kinda Good Booth to get your award (an awesome Kinda Good Bump-Girl tee). [...]


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