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Crossfit South Bay is Kinda Good

I can barely write. My hands are shaking. If I were standing, I’d have fallen down by now. Our 6-Man Team, “Fresh Brothers” just got done with a killer intense workout with Crossfit South Bay. Our main man Forrest set up a workout that would challenge even the most fit of the KG Krew.

Crossfit South Bay is Kinda Good, Gregan, Billy, Beuks, Nils

Gregan, Billy, Beuks, and Nils

We’ve got video of the event to show, but for now, the ridiculous photos will have to do…We’ve got Nils in his black nurse shoes, Gregan showing that he’s still got it going on even though he’s a dad, and Wankner crushing the workout while breathing through his nose.

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What’s not pictured is the most excellent Fresh Brothers Pizza we eat after every workout (we swear!). Mmmmmm, deep-dish. But what’s definitely noticeable are our spankin’ new Oakley Holbrooks which we wore just to make sure we looked our awesomest. Let’s see…Any more plugs? Oh yeah! Visit the Crossfit South Bay website!

The Workout
50lb Bag Run, 80 meters
25lb Slam Balls
20lb Wall Balls
24″ Box Jumps

Do as many reps as possible in 20 minutes with a partner: One partner runs while the other does an exercise. Switch. Then do the same thing with the next exercise. Continue.



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