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  • Laptop Represents KG and USA

    Last year RJ (pictured below) asked for some KG stickers to slap on his laptop, claiming that he’s gonna get on national TV as some sort of laptop-toting stat boy for the men’s Olympic indoor vb team during its World League matches.

  • Photo of the Month, Feb 09

    Checked Danny Kinda’s Facebook page today and found this gem. What the heck? I don’t remember this at all! Looks like some kid (Cassie) got a hold of the ol’ Photoshop

  • Haley and her Grand Prize

    Remember back in October? When we did our Halloween Contest? That was great. We got some funny videos and had a little fun. Remember our results?

  • Danny Kinda Teaches Heart

    Danny is forced to put his motto “Play Through Everything” to the test when he suffers a severe non-volleyball injury

  • Billy Allen: TAKEN

    Attention, Ladies: Kinda Good member Billy Allen is engaged. Please stop your relentless littering of our email inboxes with online drooling, on and on about his abs, his fabulous poses, and those unisex sunglasses.

  • Sand Dune Race: Dan Madden vs Jon Mesko

    This weekend I raced up the Manhattan Beach sand dune. For almost 2 years fellow volleyer Jon Mesko and I have a bet on who could run it faster.

  • Blogs of (Well-Known) Volleyers

    Danny Kinda isn’t the only volley-blogger these days. In fact, there are a bunch of volley-blogs out there.

  • Kinda Good and Trikke?

    Back when we made our Gum Video that nobody saw, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a stupid video about those stand-up tricycle bike things that we see all over the strand in Hermosa.

  • Danny Kinda’s Inbox: Kuna High

    Some crazy girl named Caroline from Kuna High School in Idaho sent us a long email saying how in love her team is with us and our videos.

  • Billy’s ’08 US Open Blog

    Once again Billy could not finish a blog entry. We asked him to write a simple one about The US Open of Beach Volleyball

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