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News & Updates

We want to keep you in the loop as far as what we at Kinda Good have been up to. This is pretty much everything we’ve been up to…

  • Danny Kinda To Dominate Newbury Park Open Gym

    Danny Kinda will be making a FREE appearance/lecture/demonstration/beatdown at an open gym from 3pm—5pm on October 10th in Newbury Park, California.

  • Billy Allen: 2009 Paul Mitchell Hot Shot Candidate

    Update (October 2009): Billy WON! $5,000 to the Hottest Shot of 2009! Paul Mitchell Hair Product for everyone!

  • The AVP 2009 6-Man Exhibition Victory

    MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — The 1st Annual AVP 6-Man Exhibition was a success for one of the four teams involved. Team Fresh Brothers is Kinda Good!

  • Team Danny Kinda, 2009 6-Man Edition

    It’s time to talk Six-Man. The Manhattan Beach Surf Fest Volleyball Tournament hosts tens of thousands of participants on 40+ courts and combines the country’s best volleyball players with the country’s best party animals.

  • John Mayer is No Longer Kinda Good

    It is a sad day today. Our good friend and 6-man setter/opposite John Mayer is no longer kinda good. He’s just plain good. Legit good. Insanely good.

  • Vote Billy Allen, “Hot Shot Award”

    This has gone on for too long. Billy Allen bought a Conair hair and beard trimmer for $14.95 freshman year of college and has not had a decent haircut since.

  • My Dominance of AVP Fantasy Volleyball

    If you’re a member of the AVP’s fantasy volleyball league (and chances are you’re not), then you noticed that I won the whole thing this past week.

  • Really Good?

    Some friends from Alabama came to support me and Janelle at the AVP Tour stop in Panama City. They brought their new competing line of t-shirts, they claim is better than ours.

  • Billy Allen: TAKEN

    Attention, Ladies: Kinda Good member Billy Allen is engaged. Please stop your relentless littering of our email inboxes with online drooling, on and on about his abs, his fabulous poses, and those unisex sunglasses.

  • Kevin Barnett is Kinda Good

    This morning we got an email from our new KG friend David “Colonel” Mustard telling us that one of the Olympics’ indoor-volleyball announcers just said ‘ Wang Yimei is really taking it to SpikeTown!’ during the women’s China/Cuba match.

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