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Sometimes we blog, sometimes we make songs, and sometimes we make ultimate workouts. They’re all good and they’re all here.

  • Crossfit South Bay is Kinda Good

    I can barely write. My hands are shaking. If I were standing, I’d have fallen down by now. Our 6-Man Team, “Fresh Brothers” just got done with a killer intense workout with Crossfit South Bay.

  • How Not To Roll Up Volleyball Lines

    Every year, my family gets together at my brother’s house in Utah. We go there because he has 6 young kids and they don’t travel cheaply.

  • Team Paul Mitchell

    Thanks to you people and your dedicated mouse clicking, I was voted the AVP’s first Paul Mitchell Hot Shot.

  • The Pursuit of Courage

    by Braidy Halverson

    Do you feel out of place, like you don’t belong? Are you having a hard time sleep walking at night?

  • The Kinda Good Collage

    As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time thinking about themes and concepts that can be shaped into some form of logo or layout.

  • Maybe AVP and Crocs Split At A Good Time

    I spotted these gems at the local Big Lots store last week. Although I never thought Crocs were THAT bad for the AVP,

  • The Bald Brotherhood

    (Pictured, left to right: Mike Morrison, Kevin Lynch, Dan Madden, Phil Dalhausser)

    The 2009 AVP Awards Banquet was filled with surprises, including a $5,000 check to Billy Allen

  • Kinda, Daniel (for real!!)

    My friend from college (this Dan speaking) emailed me no more than 5 minutes ago to tell me the following…

  • The Ball Never Lies (So Why Do You?)

    I should probably let Billy explain what he was thinking when he wrote the lyrics to Kinda Good’s 3rd song, but for me, it went like this:

  • 6-Man…”Rudy/Make-A-Wish” Request

    Back in June a fan named Rudy wrote us the best email we’ve ever received. We just met him at the 6-Man.

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