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Kinda Good Videos

As our mission states, we’re a volleyball entertainment company and not just a “Danny Kinda” website. Here many of our other meanderings outside of the bandanny’d kneepad wearer :)

  • Explode!

    Sick of being merely a phenomenal athlete? Tired of being limited by what the human body can take? Explode! Energy Formula will have you volleying like a maniac in seconds.

  • Debate: Indoor vs Beach Volleyball

    We uncovered an old VHS tape in a friend’s basement the other day and lo and behold we found a pretty heated debate between two college students about volleyball.

  • Danny Kinda Series Intro

    I had plans to make an epic Danny Kinda Saga. The script dealt with a pair of time traveling kneepads, a future where Karch is president,

  • Hot Stove, Episode 63

    For those of you not familiar with The Hot Stove (or Part 2), it’s a segment where Kinda Good 6-Man member Hans Stolfus fills us all in on partner switches

  • Braidy & Mayer Visit the USYVL

    It’s no secret that we at Kinda Good have a great friendship with the people at United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL). Danny Kinda even made a video with the USYVL kids!

  • Matt Heagy’s Pick Up Lines (While Picking Up Lines)

    Beach Pro and sometimes model Matt Heagy’s infomercial about his latest video series on how to pick up chicks at the beach.

  • Sand Dune Race: Dan Madden vs Jon Mesko

    This weekend I raced up the Manhattan Beach sand dune. For almost 2 years fellow volleyer Jon Mesko and I have a bet on who could run it faster.

  • The Kinda Good Gum Promo

    Since our site launch last month we’ve struggled with how to promote Kinda Good. But no more. Check out this video then check the soles of your shoes…