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Blogs of (Well-Known) Volleyers

Danny Kinda isn’t the only volley-blogger these days. In fact, there are a bunch of volley-blogs out there. To save you the trouble of searching for them, I’ve found a few that might interest you. And if you’re bored enough, you can not only search for more volley-blogs, you can link to them in the comments!

Reid Priddy, ReidPriddy.com
» 2004 Olympics Video
Reid actually blogs a lot and well! Also, that page with all his different jerseys is awesome. And why does he have 2 capos on his guitar??

Misty May, MistyMay.com
» Misty reveals her injury.
Misty doesn’t actually blog, but sometimes she writes little notes to her fans. And her site is thorough with updates, which is not easy to do.

Todd Rogers, ToddJRogers.com
» Today Was a Good Day
Todd is quoting Ice Cube, FYI. I really wish Todd had written a post about winning the Gold while he was still in Beijing. It may have been an emotional departure to the by-rote style he usually has. Nonetheless, I read all of Todd’s stuff.

Heather Bown, Volleyball.TeamUSA.com
» 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremonies
I read every blog entry the day each came out. AWEsome.

Ryan Millar, RyanMillar.com
» Ryan talks about getting coins thrown at him.
Ryan might be the biggest Danny Kinda fan we’ve ever met. No joke. Hey Ryan, can we use your medal for a video?

Then there’s blogs that exist for “search engine optimization” (SEO) purposes. Quick translation: Blogs where people pay to have other people write keyword-heavy generic articles designed to increase their Google page ranking. But it does give you some funny “content.”
Volleyball Player Body Language

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Dan Madden
  • November 26th, 2008


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