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Billy’s Notebook – 3rd in Florida

• It’s always fun beating teams that are better than you. For me that feels like half the field. This weekend was a lot of fun.

Don't be offended if Billy never texts you back.

• Janelle just asked me if I thought teams lose to us because they feel bad for us.

• What’s great about having a good tournament is all the text messages you get from family and friends following you and supporting you. What’s not great is having a limited text-messaging plan.

• This weekend Braidy and I became a jump serving team. For most of his career Braidy has done a non-concentrating jump float. This weekend in Ft. Lauderdale he decided to jump serve every single ball the entire tournament making both me and his Fantasy Team Managers happy.

• We were up 20-17 in the first game against Nick and Fuerby. Because of the rain the final was canceled meaning if we had beat them we would have tied for first with Phil and Todd. Poop.

• It is a guarantee that when playing Nick Lucena he will yell something at you at least once. Usually it’s “Get off me, Billy.” This is also the tagline for every Will Smith movie: Get off me, Robot. Get off me, Alien. Get off me, poverty. Get off me, empty city.

• Did my career peak this weekend?

• Highlight of the weekend was beating Jake and Rosie. We were down 8-2 in the 3rd. We successfully lulled them to sleep before stealing the win. This is always Braidy’s strategy.

• Went in for a massage in the med tent this weekend. I never go in there because I feel like I have to make up an injury to get worked on. But Braidy coached me on what to say. My “flush” was pretty weak but I didn’t complain because she was a female and that might have been all the strength she had. It was a bad massage and it was over too soon.

• Watching the live scores update on AVP.com is always exciting for the folks back home, especially when they are wrong. Jon Mesko says he and Guy Hamilton were freaking out because the updates had Braidy and I embarrassing and absolutely crushing down Phil and Todd in the first game. AVP.com had the scores reversed.

Do you really want my pale, skinny legs sticking out of 80s style trunks?

• Didn’t get to watch Misty and Nicole play but I did see Hans Stolfus all weekend long on the clinic court smiling and getting sunburned.

• New Commish Mike Dodd talked to me twice this weekend. Twice!

• “Lone Wolf” John Mayer mistakenly confused me with himself in his Dig Mag article. From now on he shall go by Nygaard’s name for him: “Johnny Granola.”

• Dan wants KG to bring back the fluorescent short shorts of volleyball’s heyday. I need to either convince him otherwise or start upping the weight on my squats.


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