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Austin Rester Swims The Ohio River

LOUISVILLE, KY — This weekend the AVP stopped in Louisville Kentucky where AVP pro Austin Rester made more money swimming than playing volleyball. It started on a drive along the Ohio River when Aaron Wachtfogel asked Austin if he’d swim across the river for $1000. “Are you kidding me?” Austin asked. “I’d do it for a hundred.”

Later that day Austin received a phone call from Jason Ring. “We’ve got your money.”

Armed only with borrowed spandex Austin set out across the Ohio. The water was freezing, the current strong, but Austin’s confidence was high as ever. Followed by a boat chaperone Austin crossed from Ohio to Kentucky in one hour. Waiting for him on the shore was a large crowd of onlookers as word of the dare had spread.

“I thought I had hypothermia,” said Austin. “My body temperature was 94 degrees.” The good news for Austin is that people donated to the pool, including $600 from the tour’s #1 team. (After offering him $500 and finding out Austin was serious, Phil tried to give him $200 not to go because of the danger of the dam that waited not far down river.) Overall Austin’s swim raised about $900, enough to keep him traveling to a few more AVP events, especially those located near bodies of water.


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