Kinda Good is a volleyball entertainment company. Our unique style and passion for the game has manifested itself in this website. »

About Kinda Good

Kinda Good began with three friends and a funny idea.  Billy mentioned his idea of creating a spoof volleyball recruiting video and sending it to college coaches.  Like most of Billy’s ideas he planned on forgetting it but Dan and AJ stepped up and said things like, “Hey, let’s do it”  “How about tomorrow?” and “Where can we find Dan some kneepads.”  And thus the first Danny Kinda video was made.

The video spread throughout the volleyball community and encouraged more ideas not just for videos but for articles, apparel, and setting Danny Kinda loose on the world.  We have done videos with the Men’s Indoor National Team, Gold Medalists Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, worked with the USYVL, and even performed the opening ceremonies for Colorado Crossroads and Big South – the Girls Junior Olympic Qualifiers.

Our ideas center around volleyball because we love it.  It consumes much of our lives as players and fans and we continue to meet people as crazy about volleyball as we are.   We’re going to keep having fun and promoting this great sport, its style of life, and its community until we run out of ideas.