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6-Man…”Rudy/Make-A-Wish” Request

Back in June a fan named Rudy wrote us the best email we’ve ever received. We just met him at the 6-Man. We decided that we should post his email in its entirety. Enjoy!


My name is Rudy, I just graduated from the University of Miami (Florida, not that impostor to the north) where I was the school mascot “Sebastian The Ibis” for my four and a half years at the “U.” I’ve been playing organized volleyball since my freshman year of high school and I was arguably the best volleyball player in a costume in the NCAA, I was Kinda Good in suit.

Our women’s team may have trouble winning an ACC title, but I dont see UCLA, Pepperdine, or BYU’s mascot jump serving and digging their outside hitters with no block.

I have been working for channel 7 in Miami now for the past three months, starting my journey to try and become the next tv sports personality, and I’m putting in the time: the 2am-8am shift to start. I need a vacation, people I work with in the NEWS asked what “D-Day” was last weekend on the 65th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion.

I’ll bring a cooler of NECTAR! , and my Shovel since I’m gonna be DIGGING all day on the beach. I got the nickname “The T-A” because I sorta look like Todd Rogers, but I’m not near “Professor” status, I’m the understudy.

I’m Looking forward to a little escape on the other coast, I’ll be blogging my experience for my buddy’s blog the “Redshirt Files” on blogspot.com and I’m hoping for a “Rudy”-esque movie appearance, with just one time in the backrow playing with team DK. It would make my 2009.

Which Shirt is everyone wearing this year, I need to buy one. Thanks for reading my email, see you guys in August!

-Rudy Tomarchio

  • Topic: More KG
  • By Dan Madden
  • August 4th, 2009


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